Client of the year advertising award win for AGA

I love looking through vintage AGA advertising and seeing how the brand has evolved over the years.

It’s great, then, to see that today – just as was the case 80 years ago – AGA adverts are still innovative, still highly creative and still winning awards.

The latest saw AGA win Client of the Year at the prestigious Roses Creative Awards in Manchester, organised by The Drum magazine for the advertising industry.

The award was in recognition of AGA’s willingness to take a leap of faith with its advertising and the work done on its behalf by Cogent Elliott.

As well as the prestigious Client of the Year award for their work on the AGA campaigns, the Midlands-based agency won gold for best press campaign for work such as the ‘like AGA on Facebook oven glove’ and the clever use of ingredients to convey the new technology behind the AGA iTotal Control cooker.

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