Coming soon to the world of AGA…

It’s all go in the AGA world and there are lots of exciting developments on the boil. Here are just a few exciting things to look out for…

Kathryn is pictured with her original Claret AGA. Her new Pistachio AGA Total Control is being installed as I type...










Want to cook supper? There’s an app for that…

I was terribly excited when I found out I could record my favourite Sky programmes from my mobile phone. Never again would I miss another episode of the Murdoch Mysteries or indeed any of the comings and goings at Downton Abbey. But life in the electronic world is set to get even better – I’ve learned that AGA is soon to launch an app that will allow owners to turn their AGA Total Control on and off, wherever they happen to be.

All change for AGA in London

I hear that both London AGA shops are set to move this month. The Marylebone High Street shop is moving across the road and, from March 19th, will be found on the ground floor of the blissful Divertimenti store. On March 26th, the AGA shop in Knightsbridge will be moving from Beauchamp Place to Divertimenti on the Brompton Road.

In each case it sounds like everything any AGA enthusiast could want being together in two culinary hubs right at the centre of things. I’ve been to both stores and at each location you’ll be able to find AGA cookers and the most extraordinary range of culinary equipment and also, of course, a huge selection of cookery classes and AGA demonstrations through the Divertimenti Cookery School.

AGA Total Control to debut in America

As coming out parties go, they don’t come much smarter than this. I have received an invitation to Los Angeles on March 21st, when the divine Kathryn Ireland will be hosting a party for her gorgeous and glamorous friends and the AGA Total Control will be the star of the show.

The party is being held at Kathryn’s stunning house in LA and local celebrity chef Tim Glazier will be cooking delicious food on Kathryn’s gorgeous new AGA Total Control.

Next in the diary is the Architectural Digest Home Show in New York from March 22-25, so it’s set to be a busy week for the world’s most famous cooker – and me!

6 thoughts on “Coming soon to the world of AGA…

  1. Can’t wait for the app. Is there a button I can press that will get my lovely wife into the kitchen t start cooking supper?

  2. wow an app to turn aga on would be really useful for me on the nights i work late!!! Can we also have a recipe app please as i find it easier on phone than using a book lol

    • There is an Aga app, it’s called Whisk and features recipes for Aga cookers (and conventional ones) by James McIntosh. I picked up a leaflet about it in my local Aga shop.

      • As you say, the Whisk app features recipes for AGA and conventional cookers and is perfect for those looking for new ideas. The new AGA app will allow owners of AGA Total Control cookers to programme their cooker from wherever they are in the world.

        • Yes, it is for Android too! Sadly I don’t think there is a recipe app for android yet, but will check.

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