Sneak preview: LA Launch of AGA Total Control

The AGA Total Control cooker was given the very best of launches last night in Los Angeles when the heavenly Kathryn M Ireland threw open her home in Santa Monica to a host of friends.

It was definitely the very best party I’ve attended for ages – amazing food, extraordinary people and lots of delicious gossip. In fact, I am quite exhausted by the glamour of it all.

Everyone was so interested to see Britain’s best-loved cooker in action when chef Tim Glazier showed off its prowess by cooking lamb cutlets and sweet potatoes.

There were discussions with Lindsay Lohan – who looked gorgeous in a little black dress – about the best AGA colour and, after much debate, she settled the matter by declaring heather the most covetable shade.

There was also one hilarious moment of confusion when Kathryn was told the AGA foundry had been making pots since 1707 and she momentarily believed she was to be presented with one of the originals. This was, thankfully, soon cleared up and she was just as thrilled with the commemorative 2012 version.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting pictures from the event, but for now here’s a picture of Kathryn with her new AGA taken a couple of days before the party.

If you live in America and want to find out more about AGA Total Control visit AGA Marvel

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