Turkish Delight

I recently found myself in Istanbul, searching for the origins of European civilization (while also having a jolly nice break) when I came across an AGA shop…

An incurable AGA spotter, I popped in to find an event going on, which was rather lovely as it’s always nice to make new friends and have a glass of something cold. Once I’d eaten lots of delicious AGA food I was ready to turn my attentions to the launch of Charlie Smallbone’s new Grange kitchens. Having one myself, I was interested to see how his divine designs were received overseas.

There was a film crew covering the launch and I’ve posted a video below, but – as my friends know only too well – I don’t like to hog the limelight and, with my hairdresser miles away back in England, I slipped out before the camera turned to me. I understand the party was still in full swing as I climbed into my bunk on a boat on the Bosphorus.

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