Win a pink replica baby AGA

What little girl wouldn’t love an AGA in her bedroom? Well now, one lucky winner can have just that (well almost).

AGA in France has designed the most gorgeous baby pink AGA. It’s designed to be a decorative item and will make a real style statement. One of the oven doors opens, so is perfect as a secret cupbard and the top can be used to display things.

It’s the only one in the UK, so will make a really special present.

For your chance to win, simply ‘like’ AGA on Facebook and you’ll automatically be entered into the free draw.

My girls would have absolutely loved this when they were small as they were obsessed with pink and loved things used by grown-ups.

Sadly they’re far too old for this sort of thing now. But looking at the picture has made me feel all nostalgic.

One thought on “Win a pink replica baby AGA

  1. I have owned an AGA since 1996 and love it. Where can I get one of these for my 3 year old grand daughter?
    Thanks Julie

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