AGA Characters: Yummy Mummy

If only we could all have a mother like this. Full of grace and endlessly patient, Yummy Mummy is expert at making both cakes and allowances. Yummy Mummy is beautiful to look at and in all that she says and does.

Her children get all the best invitations because all the other mummies want to be her friend and their children like nothing more than to be invited to Yummy Mummy’s house for tea, where there is a gorgeously designed place for everything and where everything is gorgeously in its place.

Happiest in the kitchen baking cakes in the AGA, Yummy Mummy is never too busy to help with homework, soothe her husband’s furrowed brow or whip up an impromptu dinner for 17 – and all while running a highly successful business and being the very best friend in the world.

While Yummy Mummy is a high achiever – her company, which sells fair trade fashion, has just been listed on the New York Stock Exchange – she is modest and self-effacing to a fault. This is why it is impossible not to adore her. And, if you spend just 20 minutes in her warm and welcoming kitchen, you leave feeling as relaxed as if you’ve spent a weekend at the spa and empowered to do anything.

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